Sahara Group Refund 2023: Get Your Deposits Back with the Active Refund Portal

Sahara Group Refund 2023: Get Your Deposits Back with the Active Refund Portal

In a move to address the concerns of countless investors entangled in its cooperative endeavors, such as Sahara India, the Sahara Group has introduced a new refund portal. This innovative platform empowers investors to reclaim their deposited funds, and the official launch was graced by none other than Union Home and Cooperative Minister, Amit Shah.

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Overwhelming Response to the Refund Portal.

Within an astonishingly short span of just four days following its debut, the refund portal has garnered an extraordinary response. An impressive count of five lakh investors have promptly registered on the portal, indicating the urgency and significance of the initiative.

Sahara Refund Portal Details:

Portal NameSahara Refund Portal
Launch DateJuly 18, 2023
Refund AmountUp to ₹10,000
Registration & Login Link
RegistrationAadhaar-linked Mobile Number
LoginLast 4 digits of Aadhaar Number & Mobile Number linked with Aadhaar
OTP Not ReceivedClick on “Resend OTP”
Documents NeededMembership Number, Deposited Account Number, Aadhaar linked to an active cellphone number, Certificate/Passbook, Deposit Details, and PAN card (for claims with values of Rs. 50,000 and above).
Official WebsiteHttps://

The Easy Route to Reclaim Your Investments.

Are you caught in the Sahara predicament as an investor? Fret not, as you now have the opportunity to initiate a refund of your investments through the CRCS-Sahara refund portal. However, this process does come with certain prerequisites in the form of essential documents.

Required Documents for Successful Refund Application.

For a seamless experience on the Sahara Refund Portal, investors are mandated to furnish a set of vital documents, including:

  • Membership number
  • Deposit account number
  • Mobile number linked to Aadhaar
  • Deposit certificate

Moreover, it’s imperative for investors to ensure that their Aadhaar is appropriately linked to their active mobile number as well as their bank account. Neglecting this crucial step might impede the process of filing a refund claim.

Navigating the Simple Application Process

Simplicity is key to the application process on the Sahara portal. Once all the necessary documentation is provided, applicants will be assigned an exclusive enrollment number. Additionally, an SMS confirmation will be dispatched to their registered mobile number. The entire withdrawal process has been designed to be hassle-free.

Swift Resolution and Refund

Efficiency is paramount, and the Sahara Group intends to demonstrate just that. Within a concise period of 45 days, the amassed funds from roughly four crore investors linked with four Sahara cooperative societies will be effortlessly reinstated into their respective bank accounts. It’s important to note that a cap of Rs 10,000 has been imposed on the refunded amount.

Tailored Reimbursement for Varied Investments

Distinguishing between varying investment brackets, the Sahara Group has outlined a distinct reimbursement strategy. During the initial phase, investors with up to Rs 10,000 invested will receive a complete refund equivalent to their investment. On the other hand, those with investments surpassing Rs 10,000 will be entitled to a flat refund amount of Rs 10,000.

A User-Centric Refund Procedure

Transparency and user-friendliness are the cornerstones of the refund procedure. Investors can embark on the journey of initiating refunds by personally registering on the portal and facilitating the verification process. This expeditious refund process is set to be concluded within a short span of 45 days.

Diligent Scrutiny and Notification Process

Upon submission of the application, the investor documents within Sahara India will undergo meticulous examination by Sahara Group’s committees. This thorough evaluation process is slated to conclude within 30 days, and within an additional 15 days, claimants will receive an SMS notification regarding the status of their claims, once they’ve filed their claims online.

Catering to a Vast Investor Demography

The scope of this refund portal extends to investors associated with the following Sahara cooperative societies:

  • Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Limited
  • Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Society Limited
  • Hamara India Credit Cooperative Society Limited
  • Stars Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited

The enthusiastic response from investors is a testament to the sheer magnitude of Sahara’s investor base, with a staggering estimate of approximately 10 crore individuals having invested in Sahara.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How do I initiate the refund process through the Sahara Refund Portal? A1: To start the refund process, first, ensure you have your membership number, deposit account number, Aadhaar-linked mobile number, and deposit certificate. Then, register on the portal and follow the verification steps.

Q2: What happens if my Aadhaar isn’t linked to my bank account and mobile number? A2: It’s essential to have your Aadhaar linked to both your mobile number and bank account. Failing to do so might hinder your ability to file a refund claim.

Q3: Is there a cap on the refund amount? A3: Yes, a cap of Rs 10,000 has been set for the refunded amount. This amount might vary based on your initial investment.

Q4: What’s the expected timeline for the refund process? A4: The entire refund process, from application submission to fund reimbursement, is designed to be completed within 45 days.

Q5: How will I be notified about the status of my refund claim? A5: After submitting your claim online, you can expect to receive an SMS notification within 15 days, updating you on the progress of your claim.

Q6: Which investors are eligible for this refund portal? A6: This portal caters to investors affiliated with Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Limited, Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Society Limited, Hamara India Credit Cooperative Society Limited, and Stars Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited.


The Sahara Group’s proactive step in launching the refund portal showcases its commitment to addressing the concerns of investors trapped in cooperative ventures. With a streamlined application process, efficient scrutiny, and a user-friendly experience, the portal aims to provide a swift resolution to investors’ refund claims. As the portal receives an overwhelming response, it’s evident that a substantial number of individuals have placed their trust in Sahara’s cooperative societies.

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